Blog Highlights

by | Apr 12, 2020 | Uncategorized

Thank you for all the lovely feedback since we started our blog. All the staff at both schools have loved seeing your comments and your photos / videos, and they had fun making the special Easter video for you!


So far at BMS we’ve seen Mr McCalister, Miss Adams and Mrs Curtis having fun on TikTok, some teachers and students loved dancing to the hand wash song, and we even had some of our students submit their own videos (Oliver and Hayden). There were also some ball challenges (from Miss A and Mrs C) for you to do at home, and we laughed at how even teachers get things wrong when trying to make a presentation!


At BFS we had a squats and beans challenge from Miss Burke, with some amazing squats videos sent in from you at home. We had the first virtual choir rehearsal with Mrs McDonald and we enjoyed seeing all the teachers kicking a toilet roll!


We have lots lined up for the coming weeks – with more choir rehearsals and PE challenges at BFS, and some virtual Great Big Dance Off and High School Musical rehearsals at BMS. Some teachers will be reading stories to you, and we have more of the great photos and videos that you’ve sent us ready to share. The staff have also promised lots more fun videos – keep checking back to see what they do next!