Blog Highlights – 18 Apr

by | Apr 18, 2020 | Fun

As the most unusual Easter holidays draw to a close, today we look back on the last week on the blog. It’s been another busy week – thank you so much to all staff and students who have been contributing!


We launched our regular Storytime, with stories read by Mrs Grave (The Pig Farmer and Luna and the Bottle of Starlight). Mrs McDonald hosted the second virtual choir rehearsal for BFS, We also saw some staff playing netball with a toilet roll!


We have been completely blown away by the material that you’ve been sending in. Some students in Year 3 and Year 5 have put together some amazing videos, we can’t stop watching them!


There’s so much more coming up in the next week. Tomorrow (Sunday) we have a special video from Year 4 students, on Monday we’ll be launching a special dance challenge, Wednesday will see the next BFS virtual choir rehearsal, plus we will have a special day dedicated to videos and pictures from individual students. We have more stories lined up, there are rumours of other year groups putting together their own videos, and the BFS staff have a surprise for you!


Thanks for watching and please keep on sending things in to!