Message from our Head Boy

by | Apr 27, 2020 | Uncategorized

Hi BMS, we are in week 5 now. I just wanted to check in to see how we are all doing. This is a tough time and we need to hold up the fort. We need to get it together and not be annoyed and weird about things just because we are bored. Not many people want to admit it we all do it; we need to keep calm and carry on. Many like myself have been finding this time enjoyable and it says that we are mature in what we do. We can work without being asked and do the correct things in times of pressure. We can get things done that we never thought we had to do. Like last week I painted a bench. I never thought to do it, but it helps the aesthetic. It just means we need to stay not bored; do things that we do not think are helpful but are.


Although, it is a time to spend time with your family and do things. Not out of the house (of course) but I find it helps you get to know about people that you thought you already know. You see a new side to them. For instance, I have been watching a film with my father every night and running through the decades. Things like that keep you from thinking about the pandemic outside and keeps you safe. This shows us that we do not need to always think about ourselves under pressure. Even if things do not hurt you, they hurt others. So, if you imagine if this pathogen was an insult, you are not offended but the other figure may be. So that is why we need to be safe and look after the ones around us. If you find yourself in a position that you did not want to be, create, make or even break something. It helps relieve stress so you can stay your usual self.


Warm regards,
Tom Howes
Head boy


p.s #stayhome