Year 8 Leavers’ Video

by | Jul 4, 2020 | Fun

As you may or may not know, at the end of every year, we put together a leavers video for all of the year 8 students. Now because we are not all in school, this has made things a little trickier this year, but fear not, there will still be something that they can all be involved in.


We have come up with a little idea to celebrate the end of their time at BMS but also the year of turning into a teenager!! So I would like to refer you to the two videos at the bottom. They will show you (and your children) two ways they can get involved. Video 1 shows me holding a photo of me when I was little, clicked my fingers and appeared in the second part of the video as me now. However if your child does not want to be videoed or not 100% sure how to include the ‘click’ in-between photo changes, then turn your attention to video 2. In this video I videoed my photo of when I was little, then a click, and then a more up to date photo. If you are not sure how to put this together, then please can you just send us the two photographs and we will edit them together.


The deadline for these please is ​FRIDAY 10th July. Unfortunately it is highly unlikely that after this time, the photos/videos will be included, due to editing times, so the sooner the better 😊 Once you have it ready to send, please can you send your videos to our usual blog addresses – either email or WhatsApp / iMessage to 07761 744263. 


Please do not feel pressured into taking part in this, they will hopefully appear somewhere else, but as it is their leavers year, we would really like them to be involved as much as possible.


If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to get in contact.


Miss Adams